Sometimes you just have to go for it. And ideally have loads of fun doing so!

And that is exactly what we plan on doing. We founded our own studio and here we are: website, blog and all...

How do you start, what does one write for the launch of a website? To be honest, i don't know. Nonetheless, i would like to welcome you, to our Ravage-Headquarter here in the grand, wide web. Thanks, to YOU especially, for still reading.

I'm not planning on writing much about our small group from Hamburg, Germany. Everything you'd want to know can be found on the 'Team'-tab.

Ravage Games consists of seven individuals from northern Germany, about half of them studied Game-Design, the rest are professional web-designers, programmers and sound-designers. In the last months, all of us spend a lot of time to build our studio, to be real (part-time) developers.

We strive for a little professionalism, since university was a few years ago. Of course we do our own thing, we are as Indie as you can get. Would you be able to attend our weekly meet-ups, you'd soon realize: we are a bunch of lunatics.

And with this website, we want you to be a part of this. We will keep all of you updated on our progress, our results and our experiences. In good times, and the bad. So look forward to many, many posts, be it videos, artworks, reports or some other crazy idea that got into our heads last week: you'll find it here.

You'll be informed about all our projects, you can use our different social-media channels to contact us or just plain chat; whatever floats your boat.

If you are to lazy to read all this, here's a quick description of what we want you to know about us:
"Seven gamers, one mission: creating games."