After our excursion to the topic of Level Design and it's many hindrances last month, today we'll take a look at our ever-growing combat system. We kind of bruised this topic in May and what goal we're steering towards. At that point in time the only thing the player could do, was taking the assault rifle for a spin. Things look very different now:

There is melee. And it‘s starting to feel really good. The character can combine the two sets of attacks we already implemented; heavy and light attacks. The hit-scanning is working by scanning multiple times a second for objects between the weapons current and last position. The lock-on function is running smooth and intuitive and targets the enemy closest to the player. By a simple scroll of your mousewheel, you can change the target of the lock-on function. That's how easy it is. Dodging is a work-in-progress, and will experience its first polishing in the next few weeks. Next in line will be the charge-up of attacks, as well as its integration into our combo-system, special attacks and the prototyped skill trees, which we really want to try out.

Besides Carstens tinkering on the combat system, René worked hard for a preview of the first soundtrack, 80's style! Our planned metal-track was transformed into more of a Depeche Mode-esque sound. Hard riffs where seemingly unfitting, after revising the first samples. Those work well with Renés drumloop as well as his hidden bass, which lends some depth to the track. Nearly non-recognisable by ear, the bass can be felt, enriching the track in a "hidden" way!

For the enrichment of our first track, René's using a EZ Drummer, which he's mixing in the software of his choice; Cubase. We're still trying to set a relatively dark tone, especially for the music, and he has managed to deliver. The feel of the track is, in our opinion, perfectly fit to represent the synthy, dark flair of the 80s. Just as we're polishing the combat system, the track will also receive some love and affection and will be fine-tuned in the coming weeks.

Hopefully we can present a first look (or hear, in this case) of the title track of Project Iridium sometime soon!

Next time you're hearing from us, we're sure to give you a little sneak-peak at the story and lore behind Iridium and its fantastic world. Now you know what July was like, stay tuned for the next review!