Ravage Games paid a visit to the shooting range of the non-commisioned officers school of the Luftwaffe. One could ask how that came to be, and that's a valid question.
We knew early in the beginning steps for project Iridium that we wouldn't get around investing some of our time and resources to obtain a pleasing soundscape for the weapons in our upcoming game.
We had to take pertaining gun laws and our rather small budget into account, so we couldn't just get our own guns or block whole streets to record some, so we had to come up with other options.
René thought about his earlier careers and came up with an idea to just ask the german Bundeswehr if we're allowed to visit one of their trainings and record some of their firing excersices.
Soon after our inquiry, the team was invited to one of the shooting ranges in Heist, Germany, and so the journey began. The date was set, and it was way too early in the morning for the team of Ravagers, while it was just another morning for the soldiers of the Bundeswehr.

We were welcomed in typical north german weather and lead to the shooting range, which reminded René of his career in the olden days. Because of the geographical conditions and the trial the participating soldiers had to pass with the assault rifle Heckler und Koch G36, we feared the destruction of Renés recording equipment. They had to be placed on the shooting range and were in, although indirect, line of fire. This fear was short-lived, the instructors had done a good job.
Recording the sounds of the rifles was much more complicated than recording the sounds from the handgun (Heckler und Koch P8), since two recorders were needed, one placed at the muzzle, the other one at the ejection for fired rounds. The recordings for the handguns was done simply with a fieldrecorder.

After cutting, post processing (Pro Tools) and the selection of fitting sounds, we had to implement the sounds into the engine. You can hear our work-in-progress in the clip down below.
The used song in this video is made by René and Kolja did all the Cam- and Cutwork for this.
We would like to thank the department of press- and public relation of the non-commisioned officers school of Appen and everyone involved for making this run as smoothly as it did.

P.S. All our stunts are done by ourselves. No one was hurt in this production.

This is just the beginning, listen well, there will be more stuff for your ears (...and your eyes!) coming soon.