Part of the law of a series is that a series ends once or there is an interruption. One would probably call it Cliffhanger. What I want to say is: you've probably noticed that we've let our actually monthly reviews linger for two months now. The reasons for this were manifold and of great importance for our strategic planning. Our game Iridium is growing and thriving and so much has already been revealed, there will be some news on this topic over the next few months.

Long story short, there is a concrete topic that we can already talk about and necessarily want and that has also led to our digital absence. Unfortunately, I can not help but to go explain a little further.

In the summer of this year we participated partly as guests, partly professionally at the summer meeting of the location initiative gamecity:Hamburg to meet nice people from the games industry in Hamburg and to end a long day of work with cold drinks and a barbecue buffet. Stefan Schmidt of the Indie Game Fest and Indie Developer Stammtisch from Cologne also had the same idea and came to this momentous encounter with the team of Ravage Games. After this first meeting, it quickly became clear that we would maintain contact and, of course, meet again at gamescom. These occasional meetings at some point led to the fact that we had contact on a more or less regularly basis, at least by telephone and discussed possible co-operation and the like. As luck would have it, the Indie Game Fest in Cologne needed a new website, an assignment that we naturally accepted without hesitation and, with the help of Stefan and Andy, also finished in time for the Indie Game Fest on 23rd of November, 2019.

We also had the great pleasure of partnering with the Indie Game Fest and also being part of the team with them. You can find a few impressions right below.

We’re looking forward to further cooperation and will definitely be back again next year!

Greetings to Cologne to the team from the Indie Game Fest and Indie Developer Stammtisch