Let's hold a minute of silence in honor of the 2019' resolutions.

Thank you. Carrying on: Welcome to our review of the year 2019.!

Again, a year has passed. Where do I start this review? It was, in fact, one real… eventful year. Let's start at the beginning: January 2019.

January was the month of our (real) project kick-off. A first block-out took form, got colored and grew. Programming-wise we could mark first progress with our planned game mechanics. We tested eagerly, one could say. This steady progress carried on until march. These months were the most productive, i dare say!

Following this, the boys room got more detail, we thought about opponents and how they might look. We took (and still are taking) inspiration from games and movies. Serving us said inspiration were the Dark Souls series, Borderlands, small elements of Toy Story and Small Soldiers, as well as manifold cultural aspects of the early 90s.

Since April - maybe March, probably May - most of us at Ravage Games experienced some turbulence in their lifes. Our team has a nearly perfect timing, so it was no surprise that as much as four of us had a change of jobs, most of these were even completely new areas of profession.

Despite all this trouble and the sadly still ongoing break of Fabian, we did our best to keep our progress on the project going. We tried several methods to keep on track and not sway too much from our goals. We defined our planning, had the pleasure of meeting some really talented 2D and 3D artists and kept planning the story and challenges in the game - worked out the setting.

The change of professions for half of our team and the resulting productivity-low aside, we still had one headache left: we were missing a character artist. Or two. As mentioned above though, we put out our antenna and were successful! Not only did we meet the Crew of the Indie Game Fest at the gamecity Sommerfest and are now responsible for their webpresence, we even met Jenny, who provides us with concepts for environment and ideas for branding our ingame assets. Jenny fills a hole left by a former team member, who sadly had to leave because of personal reasons.

Many thanks to both of you and all the luck in the world to our old colleague for all his endeavors.

After launching their website, Stefan from the Indie Game Fest invited us to join them in Cologne. Dustin, Carsten and René can't let that one slide, so they drove there to party with our friends from Cologne. The problem of the missing character artist still wasn't solved. In November though, not one, but two gleams of hope appeared, which we rapidly took in, so that we could get our characters going the coming year. Welcome on board! This is really important, believe it or not, we're hyped to watch our own character in 3D, to be able to move him around in our world. It's a huge factor for maintaining our motivation, adding characters to our project and being able to show you the results!

That's how we feel about this. Like 2018, 2019 went on, we slowly made progress, but it was steady. We can't be dicouraged by setbacks or failures, and we can't stop in our tracks. We're all motivated for 2020, we will deliver improvements in Gameplay, level contents, mechanics and the first quests.

Even though 2019 didn't go exactly as planned, we did learn a lot and met a ton of talented and creative people. Maybe 2019 was sort of an Intro or a real slow prequel… but 2020 the plot thickens, and we will start rolling. Time will tell how fast the Intro ends and when we will get to the main quest.

I would enjoy sharing our experiences on our journey to being a full fledged Indie Developer with all of you! We will do our best to get our monthly reviews going again, so stay tuned.

With that said: we'll see y'all at our review of January. Happy New Year and stay healthy!

Best wishes

Fabian & the Ravage Games Crew