An old man with a rich, grey beard sits down at your table. The mead nearly spills over, as his weight slams down on the chair. *Hic-cough* "Ya don't know me, eh? But let me tell ya somethin'..."

You take a confused look at your comrades. Finally one of them says something, struggling to find the right words to fill the awkward silence, while the elder is eagerly looking at you: "No need, old man. We...-"

With an unexpectedly fast reaction the elder unsheathes a dagger from his belt and rams it into the table. The mead spills over while the other guests of the tavern look at you with their eyes wide open. The old stranger takes a grim glance at you and your comrades. He barks stoically: "I said, I'm gonna tell ya a story!"

After that he turns around, glancing all over the other guests, shouting at them: "And you! Don't stare at us this way!"

Abashed, you sink down to your seats, listening to the old man: "Ya know, it was back then in a dark, dark age...

... seven brave heroes got together to follow their passion. They took the long, heavy road all through the land, searching for gear. While travelling from town to town, their heavy armored bard always had a joyful song on his lips. A quiet awkward appearance for a bard, but his serenity and belief justified his job. His comrades called him by the name René. On the search for new gear, the group leader of the seven found a small place to be in the north of the country, near a great river where merchant ships and fishermen equally anchored. The leader always had a liking for the gruesome and horrifying. And although he was big like a giant, he was also gentle like a sheep. Dustin was his name and he wielded his mace in fights against the undead and other villains like no other. They hardly found their new quarters, as the sinister and as well-bearded magician Fabian revealed his new plans to lead the group on a dark path. His spells were strong, so he made them obey quickly. Even the ever-laughing and joking picaro Jan was a victim to his evil magic. Because of that even his jokes became dark and dry. The magician also pulled his good namesake on his side, who was known as Fäbschen. He was a scoundrel like no other, giving in to the new plans formed. The dirty deeds were done by the scholar Carsten, who could interpret the stars and algorithms behind the project in the right way, to put it together as a whole. The self-proclaimed writer and artist Kolja was steadfast for quite a while, but eventually, even he was defeated by the whisperings of the dark Ravage-Ritual. From their small shelter, the world would be changed forever. Everyone should carry the word - not only by mouth and trickful, enchanted cards, but also through the world-wide-web."

The elder takes a big sip of his mead and wipes of the rest of it on his beard.

"And this wheeling and dealing is going on until now. I'm tellin' ya!" The old guy begins to hiccup again. You look at him curiously on account of his weird story. "... So what is this Ravage-Ritual you were talking about?"

The elder sniffs: "That is a secret."

"And how would you know that, grandfather?"

"Someone told me." Proudness lights up his weary eyes.

"And what is this world-wide-web you mentioned?"

"Tha-tha-that is... eh, ya know. This thing everyone is talkin' about..." His grey beard starts to form a nice contrast to his deep-red head. The next moment his eyes start to snap back and he smashes with his head on the table with a last splash of his mead, beginning to snore peacefully. You look at each other, shrugging your shoulders and leaving the tavern. "Shouldn't we stop this dark ritual?" one of you asks while leaving. Another one answers: "Ah... don't worry. If it's true, those guys only do nonsense..."