In the beginning, everything is grey. At least if you look at the so called "grey alpha". No colors, just a few assets, a character to play around with, and some features for testing. Is it fun to play? Is this feature good, or should we change it? What would we like to see in a game like that? A lot of questions, yes. But that's what the grey alpha is for - to answer them. We've already put a few hours of work into it, but the assets aren't finished at all, and our own little character is still in the concept-phase. Through grey alpha testing, we hope to get some early feedback for the gameplay, design and workflows for this (yet untitled) project. A phase, somewhere between prototype and alpha status. The game is slowly starting to grow, and almost every week, we see it's getting bigger and bigger, by placing new assets and implementing new features. And when it all comes together, and it is that very feeling we wanted to accomplish, we get to the next big step in our production-pipeline: colours!

We are very excited to show you more, of what's about to come. So keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, here's an early mood concept we created for our newest project.