We hope everyone of you had a great start into 2019 - we were having a good time through New Year's Eve.

Some of our creative minds have decided to put the past year into words and review it.

2018 was kind of successful, I guess. Many things changed and somehow I am happy the year is finally over. I started with great ambitions into 2018 and at least had them until April. To my ambitions counted my own monthly projects in 3D or texturing - this ones I want to continue in 2019. Since April these projects got into the background when, in May, we finally founded Ravage Games and therefor I got into other, new projects, tasks and the experience of seriously working with each other. Making the hobby a job is not as easy as it sounds like! I had to force myself to work in Maya or Substance and generate new workflows. All this after coming home from the real job.

Our kick-off-project for Ravage was kind of clunky, but nonetheless I would call it a success. It was nothing to ever release, but it worked that well, that we decided to push forward into new working-environments. And so our "next-bigger-thing" started and finally became a "Super-Duper-Next-Bigger-Thing", which will hopefully be explored deeper in 2019. The work on the last one got cut off in favour of our service-branch. And to be honest - we were happy seeing some purchases made and things getting smoother.

It was an exciting year, yes. But it was also a year, where we had friends, who wanted to go other ways. I would be so excited to see them come back in the future some day - you guys have a place in this team and shaped it as much as everyone of us did.

In 2019 we will be back. We are highly motivated doing more with games (why the hell we call ourselves Ravage GAMES?!). Surely I will declare my intentions for the upcoming year and maybe even present you some fancy stuff. Maybe one of my colleagues does the same?!

Anyway, have a nice new year, see you in 2019!


If i had to sum up the year 2018 in one word, it would probably be "overwhelming". There was a lot of change at work, i travelled more than usual and i was able to meet a lot of interesting people in the game industry. I took a big step when i moved away from my hometown, where i had spend the last 23 years of my life. Which is not that easy for someone, who absolutely loves his family and friends. But in the end, it was a step necessary. Now that i moved, i'm a lot closer to my workplace and my friends at Ravage. Which in turn gives me way more time to work on our projects. I think we all took a step closer to fulfilling our dream, when we finally founded the company back in May. From the beginning we knew, that this wasn't going to be an easy task. But that wouldn't stop us. We still have to work a lot on ourselves and the Ravage-Project, so, one day we will be able to squeeze our dreams into videogame form. We are a pretty chaotic and quick-tempered group of people, but we're at least as creative and ambitious. I very much hope that we can show you more of our ideas and visions in the upcoming year and would like to thank everyone who follows and supports us on this journey. You guys rock!

2018 was just the Tutorial. 2019 is going to be the Main Game.

Kolja Petersen

Moin, Moin!

Here's the sound guy from Ravage Games coming in at the end of 2018, to tell you what happened. After a slow start, we began preparations to found Ravage Games UG and moved into our own office in Hamburg Farmsen, beneath the roof of Harley-Davidson Hamburg Nord. At this point, once again a big "thank you" to everyone who made this project possible! After we had signed the rental contract and celebrated it with a few beers, mail from the district court followed in May this year. With which we were now officially company founders. With new energy and a new home, the first ideas for new games came up. In summer we held our first big kickoff meeting as a registered company, and we are still working on this specific project. In the meantime, we've made some customers happy who asked us for a new website and I would be very happy, if many more would be added. My personal summary for 2018 is therefore as followed: It was exciting, it was exhausting, but I think we've all made the right decision when we bundled our energy and founded the company. I'm totally up for new challenges in 2019 and to work on our first big game.

To everyone reading this, you may be curious. Remember:

"Seven gamers, one mission: creating games"

I'm out for this year!

2018 - To sum up the year for me in a few words: stress, fun, seriousness, nonsense, farewell and greeting. A year of contrasts and a year of progress. 2018 meant for me to not only grow on my own tasks and myself, but also to turn friends into colleagues. Starting to build something that will last. To make dreams and plans come true. To overcome obstacles together and to grow stronger with them.

2019 is about to start and it's just waiting for us to conquer it.

Dustin “Brofessor” Gierz

2018 was quite a turbulent year! Not only to found a company, but also to work on commissions and to finish them successfully while trying to satisfy the customer. Especially in the beginning this can be quite a difficult task.

You can certainly improve in all areas, but the most important parts remain communication and time planning, nothing beats good planning! Even in 2019 we will not only work on new tasks, but also put our own work to the test again and again and constantly improve in quality.