It's been a while since we last talked about our project. Meanwhile one or the other has changed and you can believe us when we say: "we are megalomaniacs"!

And since we are already talking about sizes, let's keep it that way. After all, we shrink our character in the game, with the working title "Iridium" to toy size. Yes, now the child finally has a name. And there we are with the next ingenious transition. Who didn't imagine as a child that their toys were alive. Knights fight Indians. Trucks drive over the enormous elevations of Mount cuddly blanket. A colourful train pushes black smoke wads into the sky, as it leaves the station in the middle of the children's room. And that's exactly what it is. A return to a child's imagination. Action must come, as it was in our imagination back then. Crazy and surreal it shall become. Wacky, challenging (both for the ultimate players, and for us in development of course), and stuffed with a lovely story.

Iridium is supposed to inspire our imagination and leave no limits while doing so. That sounds like a long way to go? Yes, it will be. But to be honest, we're really up for it. Right now we see it grow from week to week. With small, steady steps, the fantasy that originated in our childhood dreams continues to grow. This may all sound a little vague, but we're always working on it. An exciting time has begun for us, in which we try out new things again and again and find out how game development works best for us.

Movement sped up.