April was packed for us with changes to our daily work. It had to be a little more structured. In addition, the expansion of the game was in the foreground. With the premise of creating a kind-of open world game, we need to think early about shaping the entire playground. And so this month it was time to build an american house, where we started with the children's room, our first level, which was slowly but surely moving from a prototype to a real level. Of course with grey boxes and plenty of room for details.

At the same time, children's room is still being equipped with assets. The toxic glue swamp on the desk is probably a small foretaste of the look and feel of the game. With its ancient building brick ruins and its polluted atmosphere, it is one of currently four different areas in the children's room. Of course details are still missing – not to mention the enemy AI. What kind of enemys you will encounter here? Who knows which poor toys have landed on the craft table and have been defaced forever with superglue?

With these words of madness, I would like to end this small review for this month. If everything goes smoothly, from now on you can look forward to a little review every month in which we describe, reflect and comment on our work. Depending on what our focus was in the respective month, topics such as lighting, AI, Boss and character design, or the design of points-of-interests in the level will certainly come closer. Be curious and share your very own childhood fantasies with us on our social media channels. We're looking forward to it!