For Carsten and Kolja, this month was all about fighting. Fighting with the inspiration, the interpretation and the conception of our combat system. How fast am i able to defeat this enemy? How much ammunition does the weapon hold? And how should all of this look like?

We took games, for expample, whose fighting systems have always fascinated us. Fast, but tactical. Powerful attacks combined with a lot of style. Assassins Creed, Dark Souls, as well as Devil May Cry and For Honor served as role models. Now that these role models have been agreed upon. It's time to become aware of movement sequences, animation duration and pacing as well as effects, damage sources and species, but also the variety of weapons in close combat and ranged combat. Yes, we like close combat.

Furthermore, some subtleties in level building or rather level generation had to be checked out. Even today, some rooms that we avoided during our childhood seem infinitely large to us. Attic and cellar for example: creepy. This is exactly the effect we want to present. At least in one of our levels. At the moment we call this special level project: "The Endless Room". In the near future, fully equipped rooms will be randomly lined up to create the illusion of a never-ending room. The whole thing sound a lot simpler than it is technically feasible. We are currently following an old motto of the games industry: "if you can't make it, fake it."

And so we spent some time brainstorming to find a solution. After all, you have to consider the performance of an average gaming PC – too many loaded polygons and textures will eventually hurt the final player experience. The wall at the other end of the room should always remain the same distance from the player. A wall tied to the player's camera that move it, you say? That's what we thought. And after a while you want to escape from this endless space. Even if all of this fun hase come from a fixed idea, we still find the implementation and the final result so exciting that we will definitely stick to this topic. Because as we all know: "The attic is endlessy long and full of horrors..."

Movement sped up. Player model belongs to Epic Games, the animations and weapon were bought on the Epic Store.