Ravage Games is an independent studio from Hamburg, consisting of six persons.
Head of it is Dustin. His responsibilities are VFX and level building, as well as management and coordination as CEO. Our Concept- and 2D-Artist, Kolja (who is also responsible for the name of this studio) is known as the idea-forge; most of them range from slightly crazy to batshit insane.
Carsten is our Lead-Programmer. He is a professional software-developer, so he's got some experience under his belt; he is currently conquering the Unreal Engine 4. If you had to give Fabian a name for his role, it would be Technical-Artist. He is diverse and knows something about everything. His favorite pastime though would be Environments, Substances and battling the lighting in Unreal! Jan is taking care of our website and is gradually supporting Carsten in programming. René is usually called the "Audio-Mensch" (which roughly translates to "Sound-Guy"); because that's what he does. His area of work is everything you will hear in our games.
Fäbschen (Attention... second Fabian!) is gradually drowning in his role as project lead, but everyone knows he's favoring asset creation and texturing. If he is doing neither, he's brewing up a story with Kolja and Dustin.

We like to call ourselves "Ravagers", nonetheless, we see ourselves as more of creators, than destroyers. Six gamers, one mission: creating games!

Dustin Gierz


Fabian Hunger

3D Artist

Kolja Petersen

Concept Artist

Carsten Golücke


Fabian Schober

Technical Artist

René Leck

Audio Artist